Bisila Bokoko


{Our Ambassador}





Our Ambassadors are people who truly understand the mission of BBALP and who have pledged to help spread awareness and understanding of the need to share the gift of ideas and literacy in Africa.

We are proud to present you our first Ambassador…

Almudena Fernandez

Starting with a career in fashion defined by collaboration with the world’s most renowned designers, photographers, and media, and evolving into socially conscious partnerships with former Vice President Al Gore and other icons of global change, Almudena Fernandez is working to capture humanity’s imagination in exciting and impactful ways. Almudena has worked in many other projects to promote eco-friendly and humanitarian messages. In September 2009, Almudena launched the Sweet Rock Eco shoe line, and recently joined forces with Lupo to fight hunger in Africa through the proceeds earned by a bag made from ecological and biodegradable materials.

Spanish Elle awarded almudena with their ecology and environmental prize, and she collaborates annual with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United States on various projects related to fashion and ecology. In 2010, she was awarded the “Best Steward Prize” by the Sustainable Planet Film Festival for all her recent work.

In the end, all human beings are the same, and her work reminds us that we all deserve a healthy world in which to celebrate our lives.







BBALP is a non-profit, non-partisan international organization headquartered in NY with subsidiaries in Ghana, France, and Spain. The BBALP’s mission is to promote literacy among the African people building well equipped, modern and sustainable efficient libraries in with the aim to bring the gift of ideas and education in Africa.





I recently traveled to Africa (Ghana) for the first time. Like many who have gone before me, I fell in love with the people and place. Also like many who have gone before me, I returned home with a desire to help Africa grow and develop.



Our goal is to build 5 libraries by the end of 2015. Our first library is scheduled to be built in Kokofu, Ghana, with a scheduled grand opening at the end of November 2010. We will assist the rural poor of Africa by helping create village libraries that are energy and technologically efficient.